Fire Protection:
Roadmap to Protect Our Communities

photo of homeless man
photo of homeless man

Fire Protection is one of the most important responsibilities of County government – as survivors of the terrible Woolsey Fire can wholeheartedly attest.wildfires in the future.

In 2019, I was appointed, along with our Ventura County Fire Chief, 2nd District County Supervisor and other public safety leaders, to the Woolsey Fire Task Force. The purpose of this Task Force was to analyze the Woolsey Fire and make recommendations to better protect LA and Ventura County communities from wildfires in the future.

After holding hearings and listening to testimony from fire safety professionals and local residents who were affected by the Woolsey Fire, our Task Force put together an extensive After-Action Report with 155 findings and recommendations for fire safety improvements.  You can see the Report by clicking below.

Some of these recommendations have been adopted by our communities and our fire departments, but many have not. As your new County Supervisor, I will work to make sure that ALL of these recommendations are implemented into Ventura County’s fire prevention and protection system. I will immediately push for action in the areas of house hardening, pre-fire community education, better public communication and more neighborhood evacuation exercises.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our homes and our families.