Leadership On The Issues

Protect Our Neighborhoods

  • Target new Law Enforcement resources to stop the wave of home robberies and automobile thefts occurring in our neighborhoods.
  • Endorsed by our Ventura County Firefighters & First Responders. 

Preserve Our Quality of Life

  • Boost local housing affordability by providing incentives that will enable employers like the hospital and university to offer workforce housing.  
  • Support local control over land use decisions that impact our communities. Oppose Sacramento’s high density housing requirements! 

End Homelessness

  • Improve employment training and job placement opportunities for the temporarily homeless.
  • Stop illegal homeless camping.  Support effective treatment measures for the drug addicted and mentally-ill homeless.

“Ventura County’s quality of life is being threatened by inflation, crime and high-density housing coming from Sacramento.

We need a new County Supervisor who will stand up to Sacramento and fight for the people of Ventura County.”

– Jeff