Launch a Jobs Task Force:
“Gold Team Ventura County”

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Candidate for Ventura County Supervisor Jeff Gorell today announced the framework for “Gold Team Ventura County,” a public-private jobs task force to support our local employers while also taking pro-active steps to attract, retain and expand middle class and high wage jobs in Ventura County’s 2nd District. The announcement has support from leaders in business, labor and government.

“It’s been said, quality of life begins with a good job, and I agree. And quality of life is why we love Ventura County. So, to add to what is already being done, I will launch this tested and successful model of job creation and economic development here in Ventura County within one month of taking office, if I have the honor to be elected by voters,” said Jeff Gorell, businessman and former Ventura County-area state legislator.

Modeled after “Gold Team California,” created in 2013, and “Red Teams” used by previous California Governors, Gold Team Ventura County is a non-partisan/bi-partisan effort that will fuse together local and state elected officials, economic development professionals, utility company representatives, city managers, labor representatives, and business advocates to directly engage job creators to build relationships and utilize all available resources to leverage the creation of new employment opportunities.

The Gold Team model relies on making personal connections with CEOs and other industry decision-makers, and it works

“We have enormous potential to brand Ventura County’s second district as a welcoming, business-friendly community to expand or relocate companies, particularly in the aerospace, biotech, health, pharma, and energy tech industries, to name just a few,” said Gorell. “We will lead teams, and travel to meet CEOs, even in other states, and share all of the attractions of basing a business and jobs in Ventura County. We will also take more time to meet with our existing local job creators – businesses large and small – to better understand their work, their workforce, and their challenges. The personal touch to problem-solving and leadership makes a difference.”

“The Gold Team will help promote a more pro-active effort in determining the future of our local economy and job market – to position Ventura County as a place to grow jobs, raise families and to be prosperous,” said Bill Buratto, retired President/CEO of Ventura County Economic Development Association (VCEDA). “If done right, this will be a model that supports the County’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and other countywide strategic initiatives developed by the County, EDC-VC and others.”

“Ventura County’s Second District is a great place to create new jobs,” said Gorell. “We are close to a number of world class universities; we have some of the nation’s top performing local public and private schools; our climate is highly desirable; we have flourishing tech and bio tech companies; we have local military bases that serve as centers for excellence in next-gen innovation and design, including unmanned ships and aircraft; and generally, we have an enviable quality of life.”

Resources that are often available to help attract and retain jobs are – permitting assistance and streamlining; economic development finance options; energy grants and programs; EDC-VC start-up and business assistance funds; RDP-21 defense advocacy resources; workforce tech training; and in some cases, state GoBiz grants. “Gold Team Ventura County is not a panacea for fixing the local economy, but it’s another important oar in the water helping move us forward toward a more prosperous community with greater future economic opportunities,” said Gorell.